5 Must-Have Footwears in Every Woman’s Shoe-rack

The biggest stereotype about women is that they take a hell lot of time to get ready. Well, yes, to some extent it is true as well. Ask any girl, she will always say that getting ready is not time-consuming but choosing the right thing is. Be it the dress to wear, shoes to pick or what lipstick to apply, choosing the right thing is very important and time-consuming. They have rack full of shoes but still unable to decide what to wear and their answer usually is they have nothing to wear. And there is no problem with this, if you are not satisfied with something then you must not settle with it. Women love buying shoes. Today, we are going to present the list of 5 types of footwear that every woman should have.


The first in our list is the most popular type The word in French means ‘needle heels’. It is perhaps the most preferred type of shoe for any formal or casual event by the females all across the globe unless they don’t have to walk much because of its thin heel. But whenever a woman is confused about what to wear, it is the perfect pick for any occasion. Moreover, they instantly provide elegance to your whole get up.


When it comes to comfort, they are the most preferred option by any girl. They are used as daily purpose footwear especially in the summers. Be it a formal meeting, a day out with your friends or a special date in the day time, wedges will not disappoint you in being the kind of woman you want to look like on any day.

Kitten Heel

This is the most professional kind of footwear in the whole women’s footwear arena. Many top women leaders like Hilary Clinton, Angela Merkel and Theresa May have been spotted wearing this type of heels. Sometimes people get confused between stilettos and kitten heels but the fact is they are much different than each other. Moreover, they are way much more comfortable than Stilettos. Simple but elegant, the kitten heels are one of the most expensive footwear. During Black Friday many designers offer their latest collection at discounted rates and allow you to select your favorite style and add a designer model to your collection.


At the end of the day what everyone desires is comfort. The most comfortable form of footwear is undoubtedly shoes. Be it sneakers, loafers or running shoes, you can wear them all day long without pain in the ankles. But you must know when to wear a particular type of shoes. The most common type of shoes that almost everyone has is a pair of running/sport shoes. They are a good option to wear when you are on an outing and require to walk or run. You can also pick a pair of sneakers because they are not boring anymore as the brands have started making them more interesting and fashionable. But always remember, the whole idea of shoes is to provide extra comfort to your feet.

Block Heels

They are more comfortable footwear with an increased surface area of the heel. As we know the formula Pressure is equal to force divided by surface area. Human feet are one of the most vulnerable parts of their body. Our legs carry the burden of our whole body. It’s okay to wear heels seldomly but daily you require comfort. But at the same time, especially for working females, the shoe is a bad option. So, with the increased surface area, block heels are a savior. Block heels give you an extra edge over others because of their design. They come with both belly and sandal form. For a formal meeting or presentation where you are required to stand for long hours, black bellies with block heels are a perfect option.


Beauty should be and must be appreciated. Footwear and shoes are unarguably the most important accessory that a woman carries. As someone rightly said ‘the proper knowledge of footwear makes a woman out of a girl.’

So that was the list all the women out there. We hope you will keep this list in mind when you are going to shop next time. Remember, you don’t dress up to impress anyone, you dress up because you like to look amazing.

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