Microsoft Office 365 For Businesses

The IT world is a greatly competitive market where survival can be tricky sometimes. Those businesses which do not stick to the advanced technology often face defeat to their rivals. There are so many types of business tools that major players have invented to help businesses grow and Office 365 is one of the most competitive solutions which holds trust of many today. On the contrary, if you keep sticking to a legacy platform, you will get less support that will lead you to face less profit in the end.

In this article, we will highlight various benefits that you fetch by implementing Office 365 for your business. This is a productivity suite by Microsoft and is meant to enhance business productivity. Let’s read on following mentioned benefits for which you should switch your business to Office 365 right away.

No Need To Worry About Maintenance & Servers –

As MS Office 365 is present on the cloud, it does not mean you cannot integrate it with your on-premise business solutions if required. Here you get all possible flexibility to integrate with the present on-premise solutions. Though there are so many advantages of using cloud, especially as it saves your money on maintenance comes with a local server. In addition, the integration of Trust Center of Office 365 ensures the safety of your data.

Make Your Work Smarter Using Delve –

Adopting Delve means a way ahead to the future. Delve is based on the machine learning that works like your personal secretary. So, by using delve, you can improve your working by making it way smarter than before. This personal secretary knows exactly what you work, time for your meetings, your priorities and people who you follow over Yammer. In addition, it also gives relevant suggestions to enhance working of the users.

It Grows As Your Business Does –

This MS Office 365 solution is based on the principle that you pay for what you get. This way, when your business grows, and your needs rises, you can opt for extra data storage and services as required from Office 365. For example, OneDrive for Business provides a great storage space at a very reasonable price. So, choosing it when your business grows will eliminate all your stress of purchasing new HDD – hard drives for increasing storage of your system.

Yammer – There can be chances that you are not much familiar with Yammer, but it is also a Microsoft product came with ESN that is Enterprise Social Network for $1.2 in 2012. Now question is why Yammer came at such a huge cost? Then, the answer is; the motive to bring ESNs is to improve working style of employees in companies. They are meant to enhance interactions, easing up the procedure to search talent and eliminate lengthy chains of emails by introducing option of liking the posts, commenting on the activity of group and collaborating over files easily. Just as other MS Office 365 tools, Yammer goes seamlessly with other tools in its stack and hence makes the experience smoother and slicker.

Comes With Unified UI –

One great feature of MS Office 365 is that; this solution enables users to pick the tools they want. The Unified UI of Office 365 allows users to take benefit of new released business apps that Microsoft keeps on releasing on regular basis. And all these apps come for free. Depending on your choice, you can opt for apps and include them to the home screen of Office 365 and can access easily from any place.

Work From Any System & Any Place –

As Office 365 is based on the cloud, it allows users to work freely from any place using any device. Now, no need to stay chained to your desk to stay productive and access files or any other data of your company. Be it a mobile, laptop or tablet, you can work from any kind of device that has internet connectivity. The best thing of this solution is that; it backs up by quality security measures.

Work Online On Web Based Office Apps –

With Office 365, you can makes all your workflow greatly collaborative and streamlined. This productivity suite integrates the complete productivity suite of MS Office which is accessible online that means your colleagues can also make required editions, improvements and comments to the documents live without downloading the file.

Preventing Data Loss – Enterprise Class Control & Governance –

The data holds a great value for a company as we can call it a backbone for a company. Losing your data can come up with disastrous outcomes, but with Office 365, you get great backup and data protection which gives users a great peace and comfort that you get with the safety of your data.

Bug Update & New Features –

Once you switch to MS Office 365, there will be no need to wait long for years for the new product release of Microsoft. Moreover, you can have quick access to all bug fixes and updates immediately after their release.

Simple Migration Of Data –

It does not matter which storage tool you presently use, Office 365 migration can be a way easy for you. Moreover, there will be no need to migrate your data again and again due to frequent updates of Office 365 from Microsoft.

So, What’s Your Plan?

After going through all these arguments on the benefits of Office 365 move, you probably have understand the worth and significance of choosing this stack for your business. No doubt, the whole transition can be complex, but by choosing a quality plan and appropriate tools will help you making this move smoother and easier.

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