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Java is a general-purpose programming language, much like Python or JavaScript. The language itself is specifically an object-oriented programming language, so bears similarities to C++, C#. Java is also a platform, which means that Java code can run on any machine that has a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on it. Originally those two things were interchangeable, and the only thing that ran on the JVM was Java. But since that time, a number of languages have been written which can run on the Java platform, languages like Scala, Groovy, an implementation of Ruby called jRuby, and an implementation of Python called Jython.

Java is a popular general-purpose programming language and computing platform. It is fast, reliable, and secure. According to Oracle, the company that owns Java, Java runs on 3 billion devices worldwide.

A primary goal of the Java creators was to develop a language that could run on consumer appliances – so the designers were already contemplating a world in which there was code running on your refrigerator or toaster – what we now call the internet of things. Ironically, Java did not gain popularity for that reason; instead its creators were able to take advantage of something else that came out in the mid-1990s: the World Wide Web. Java had a feature where you could write things called applets, small programs which could run inside of a web browser, and as the web was gaining popularity, Java rode that wave and became extremely successful and popular. So, a lot of web applications were written in Java, even though that wasn’t what the creators had in mind when they first conceived the language.

Java is the core language for Android and many enterprise web applications. Begin your path toward becoming a professional developer by building a solid foundation in the Java language. Java programmers are being recruited largely in the Information Technology sector on the basis of a Java test. In order to be a good Java-programmer you must focus on certain things.

Find a good source of knowledge be it a tutor or online videos or study material and strengthen your basics. Understanding basics is a must for further constructing your programming skills. Rather than mugging up something that you don’t get, seek help and get the logic behind it. Keep yourself updated about the latest Java technologies by joining some good forum and subscribing to newsletters. Never stop reading. Keep reading about it from somewhere or the other and try and spread your knowledge to others.

Implement what you are learning. Practice programming online or offline, that’ll boost your confidence. Be regular, make targets and try and complete them within time. Depth of knowledge comes only when you practically perform what you’ve understood. Make a group, have discussions. Join hubs on internet. Group discussions help you to get different views regarding the topic. A good way to improve your coding skills and become a good programmer is working as a freelancer. It means that you find projects online, work from home and get paid online, too.

A number of problems are being faced by organizations which are looking to hire developers with java developer essentials. Most developers want to make a difference. Most developers even want to experiment. But more than all of that, most developers want a job (and a well-paid one). The easiest way to get one is to stick with Java – whether or not you enjoy writing it. That’s why many of the world’s less passionate developers end up with the Java flock.

Another issue with Java is that it’s hard to tell whether a developer is good or not based on a short sample of code. The average company will try to take a look at some examples of the applicant’s code before hiring. The more careful developer teams will usually call their applicants in for an assessment day filled with various coding assignments. To make things even more difficult, a Java developer with only basic skills can make themselves look experienced. The simpler the test assignments put to them by a recruiter can often be solved with a copy-paste from Stack Overflow. Meanwhile, a good developer is often too busy to be subjected to complex or lengthy coding assignments.

At the same time, young, ill-educated recruiters are busy hunting for “ninja programmers”. Companies are afraid of hiring employees whose skills will date quickly, because most companies don’t like to start projects in languages where it’s tricky to find developers. By playing it safe with their enterprise solution, companies are essentially looking for developers to blindly code Java. They enter as Java developers, and they leave as a Java developer.

Screening the java developers is a tedious task and time-consuming as well. You might come up with multiple resumes but finding that one right candidate would be like conquering a mountain. With the help of our experts, we are here with two basic challenges that will help you to hire your java developer:

  1. Simple Algorithm Challenge- The candidate is provided with one or many programming problems which have to be completed within the stipulated time. The solutions are usually judged based on test cases, time, and memory efficiency. Each programming challenge taken by candidates is evaluated for its accurateness, time, and space complexity by the technical team. If you want to hire a developer who knows Java but doesn’t know how to develop good quality code in a reasonable amount of time, then proceed with the Java APIs and programming tests.
  2. Application Development- A full-fledged application challenge is used to test a candidate’s capability of developing a complete Java application. He or she has to apply theoretical knowledge and practical skills to get a complete application running. The candidate must know enough about the framework and libraries to survive the screen test. The solution is then assessed manually using JUnit and by creating custom test cases.

It is not possible to hire a Java developer based on conventional techniques. A blend of the conventional with modern assessment techniques will help one in achieving an objective to hire the best Java developer for the firm.

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