Complex Family Law Litigation

There is almost no situation more difficult to navigate than divorces and the separation of a family. In a situation like that there are so many things to think about and consider, it can be hard to keep everything straight in your mind. Heartbreak can be a very trying time indeed and the last thing anyone wants to do is drag their children into the middle of the drama. It can mean troubled waters for everyone involved and that is why people try their hardest to avoid taking the matter to family court. However, sometimes this is often unavoidable and things need to be looked at by the courts. This can be a scary thing to go through with, especially if you have never learnt about the process or gone through the whole ordeal before. But with due diligence, and detailed research there is need for family law litigation to be so daunting or complicated. It does not need to be so heart breaking or awkward when the proper channels and avenues are explored. But first, what is complex family law litigation exactly?

What is complex family law litigation?

Despite the name of the process, complex family law litigation can actually be relatively straight forward to understand once it has been broken down into several different components and layman terms. There is no need to be intimidated by the legal jargon. Litigation, in regard to Family Law, is the process in which a domestic matter is resolved within the courts. This is because the two separate parties have failed to reach a reasonable agreement or compromise outside of the courts and need outside and professional help. This process begins with one party files a complaint with the court, this leaves that the opposing then has thirty days to respond to the court order and answer the complaint. Evidence is then put forward, otherwise known as Discovery, to dispute or prove these claims.

What falls under complex family law litigation?

There are several categories that fall under complex family law litigation, all of which are common areas during litigation cases regarding family law and situations. Below are the varying different matters that can come up during the court case and what law firms can help you with:

Business Valuation: If one of the parties involved in the case owns a business, then obviously the future and finances of the company need to be considered during the case. This can be an unpleasant situation but it is something that needs to be done and something that needs to be done quickly.

Inheritance: This can be another difficult situation to navigate but generally speaking inheritance is something that applies only out of marriage and marital affairs. There can be some complex matters that mean this can be taken under review and consideration.

Children with special needs: It goes without saying that the children in any situation need to be protected and this goes especially for children that are vulnerable.

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