Discover the Best SAFe POPM and Scrum Master Training in Gurgaon

Do you want to become a Product Owner or a Product Manager? Develop the significant skills that are required to manage the backlogs and programs. Get in-depth knowledge about the Agile Release Train, how it works and the duties and responsibilities of a Product Owner or Product Manager.

There is much SAFe POPM training in Gurgaon but to develop your skills properly it is important you choose the right institute to invest your time and money in.

By the end of the course, you should have proper knowledge about your field along with having significant practical knowledge.

What you will Learn during SAFe POPM Training in Gurgaon

  • Understand the process of applying Lean thinking for writing epics.
  • Learn about the planning and execution of Iterations.
  • Learn about planning Program Increments.
  • Understand what is Continuous Delivery Pipeline and its importance in SAFe.
  • Learn how Product Managers and Product Owners work to continuously improve the Agile Release Train.

Important Topics that are Covered

  • Learn the application of SAFe in the Lean operation.
  • Get a clear sense of the relation between the roles and operations of the various teams and their individual roles.
  • Learn how to develop quality products by managing team flow.

If you wish to be trained by the best professionals with proper worksheets and assignments and properly crafted curriculum. Get a genuine certificate that will help you throughout life.

Professional Scrum Master Training in Gurgaon

Want the best quality of scrum master training? Get the best at Xebia Academy. Scrum training is done and chosen by those who want to learn how to handle complex tasks and how to use these theories in everyday life. The course teaches the students to alter they are though process and develop ideas that are beneficial for the business by managing the work properly between the various individuals and teams in order to get optimum performance.

Role of a Scrum Master

After doing the Professional Scrum Master Training in Gurgaon you can work as a Scrum Master. The most important job of a Scrum Master is that they teach all those under him/her the various aspects and important points about scrum. He/ she has the important responsibility of acting as a coach to the rest of the team.

It is important a scrum master be aware of his/her responsibilities. He/she should abide and be aware of the rules but they should also be flexible for the team. Understanding is an important virtue of a scrum master. They should be rooted in the scrum foundation and should be aware of managing the workflow between the various departments.

A scrum master’s job is not an easy one, it is demanding. It takes time for a person to fully comprehend the responsibilities of his/her shoulders.

 A scrum master should garner respect from those under him, but at the same time, they should feel free to discuss various problems with him. It takes time for a person to establish authority. The training requires dedication and hard work and after the training is done, the job of a scrum master is also a tough one but it is rewarding in its own way.

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