Do your cleaning staffs work honestly?

There are several factors that make a good impression of your business premises. Cleanliness is most important among them. Clean and clutter free business space helps a lot in increasing the positive senses of the workforce. Neatly maintained business office floor, doors and windows add the real beauty shower the real professional look. It helps a lot in increasing the rate of employee’s retention and customer visits. Business offices should be made free from the presence of dust any particles that can promote suffocating ambiance. Businesses are well aware of this factor and hence employ sufficient numbers of cleaning staffs and make use of the latest cleaning equipment.

Are the cleaning staffs honest?

If your business space lack cleanliness even with a good team of cleaning staffs and latest tools, then make sure that your staffs are not serious in their works. Here comes the importance of mopping detection. This is a fantastic way of monitoring the work of cleaning staffs to know why the cleaning job fails to bring results. This helps you access the efficiency and commitment of the cleaning team. Now there reputed AI solution providers to provide you with best video analytic solution that can be easily installed to your existing CCTV systems to monitor the works and motions of cleaning staff.

Better monitoring with predictions                            

The benefits of AI (artificial intelligence) in analytics solution help the business with better activity recognition. Vision-based activity recognition perfectly monitors the human actions in the present state and it also predicts the actions in the future state by analysing the incomplete action executions. Are you sure that your cleaning staffs show the same level of energy and involvement with and without your presence? If you not sure, then this solution can help you a lot.

Prevent work time cheating

It is found that most of the cleaning workers lack real effort and commitment when there is no one to monitor them. Even though the CCTV system is there, it lacks to monitor the difference in actions and it demands the manual staffs to monitor the activities to find the deviations. But, analytic systems with the benefits of AI automates most of the process and give real-time monitoring reports to the concerned persons and department based on the mopping actions of the cleaning person. This helps a lot in preventing work time cheating.

Easy access

Monitor the wiping works of the cleaning staffs with the best solutions for wiping detection. There is no need to appoint cleaning supervisors and to increase operating expenses. Now you can make use of video analytic solution to monitor all of the activities in your business premises. The best solution from reputed AI solution providers of the country come with latest features in activity detection, facial recognition, object detection, posture detection, pattern detection and more.

Most of the businesses are updating the surveillance system with the benefits of AI powered monitoring platforms. The best monitoring solution that can be easily customized as per the business requirements comes only from the leading AI solution provider of the country.

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