How Does A Window Air Conditioner Work

The air conditioner, considered to be one of the greatest inventions of science which changed our lives for the better and comfortable standards. After the invention of an air conditioner, our lives have become more stress-free and relaxing. It has now become an inevitable part of our lives as it is there everywhere, wherever we go. Whether it be our homes, our cars, our offices, our workplace, malls, spas and even in the metro rails, we can find an AC at all these places.

The types of ACs available

There are different kinds of an air conditioner and their purposes and functioning is also different. AC Prices in India also differ according to the varying functions. It has been planned and made this way to suit the different needs of our human lives and daily lifestyles. Two very important types of these air conditioners are the:

  • Split-air air conditioners, and
  • Window Air conditioners.

Here, we are going to specially discuss the functioning and the working of a window air conditioner. So mainly these window unit air conditioners are more in demand because they consume very less space and also are very cheaper than all the other types of AC. These types of ACs are installed in the open window framework. An evaporator is installed inside it which causes the cooling of the air present inside. This air then passed outside after getting it cooled inside with the help of a fan which blows it over the evaporator.After all this process is done, the cold air is released outside to the outer space as the exterior released air which is released from the window unit air conditioner. The outside air is known as the second air which is mainly blown over the condenser to add more chill and cold to that air.

Since these window unit air conditioners are cheaper than any other form of an air conditioner, it is suggested for the buyers to do proper research before buying it. There are many sites and hyperlinks available online that provide an insight into the prices of these air conditioners. One can find these with sites such as the AC price in India. Some other sites are also there that give us a chance to know about the price and the other details of these AC with their respective names. Some examples of these are like the one with site and link such as Daikin air conditioner price.

The only disadvantage of the window unit of the air conditioners is that it is specifically made for a single room. So it can only be used for any space, which is like that of a single room, and not for a very big area.

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