How Vivo and Oppo are Slowly Taking Over the Mobile Market

The smartphone industry is the fastest-growing sector in the communications industry today. Chinese brands like Vivo and Oppo made their entry in the Indian mobile market in the year 2014.

Since then, these two brands have been rapidly growing. Today, both Vivo and Oppo have acquired a good share in India. India has become the largest market for Vivo phone and Oppo phone after China.

There are many Indian brands manufacturing smartphones on a large scale. In spite of the presence of Indian brands, Chinese smartphone brands have been doing well. There are a lot of reasons behind the prosperity and popularity of Vivo and Oppo.

Here are some strategies that helped Vivo and Oppo to take prominent positions in the mobile market:

  • Feature-packed mobile phones at affordable prices

Launching feature-packed mobile phones at affordable prices was the initial strategy of Vivo and Oppo brands. They have penetrated the mobile market by providing customers with smartphones at affordable prices.

They made low-cost Android phones and those in the mid-range segment of the market. In this way, they could cater to a larger number of consumers in the mobile segment.

  • Offline stores

Vivo and Oppo focused on offline sales as much as on online sales. In India, 60% of the overall market is still occupied by offline sales. Vivo and Oppo have set up shops in huge numbers to increase their offline sales.

  • USP based marketing strategy

The aggressive marketing tactics have helped these companies in becoming popular. The camera is the USP of the smartphones of Vivo and Oppo. Their focus is on selfie smartphones. They advertise their phones as camera phones.

Irrespective of which smartphone you buy, the camera quality would always be better than other smartphones available at the same price range. Oppo has made its name as selfie and group selfie expert technology.

The company has been going through product and technology development. This is to aim the class segment and technologies like photography and colour OS.

  • Strong sales and distribution system

The sales and distribution system of Vivo and Oppo is strong. They have tried to reach even the smallest towns and cities for generating returns. These brands have been distributing its products through various channels such as retailers, wholesalers, websites and retail outlets. Both brands have been successful in increasing their market share in a few years.

  • Innovations

Both Vivo and Oppo have always been very innovative. They have provided many different innovations in competition with their rival brands. Oppo was the first brand to launch the thinnest smartphone, a smartphone with a rotating camera and a phone with a dual-lens primary camera.

  • Advertisements

Oppo and Vivo both spend a lot of money on banners and advertising campaigns. It is hard to pass a smartphone store and not see poster for Vivo phone and Oppo phone on the glass window. Oppo has been sponsoring the Indian Cricket Team kit as a promotional activity.

Vivo’s expensive bet on the Indian Premier League has paid off. Vivo has spent a huge amount on keeping the title sponsorship of the IPL. Roping in big Bollywood stars to promote its products have also been a reason behind its increasing market share.

  • Change in strategy with time

One of the major reasons for the survival and growth of these brands is the change in their strategy with time. Vivo and Oppo have reduced the number of retailers and distributors. They have reduced retail spends and channel margins.

Now, they are going for more depth than the width of the distribution. They are focusing on providing varied choices and experience for customers. Initially, they used to manufacture budget smartphones for more sales. They are now making high-end smartphones.

There are many other reasons behind the growth of Oppo and Vivo brands in India. Their budget and high-end smartphones with latest specifications and excellent cameras have become popular in the Indian mobile market. Well-timed strategies have been keeping them in pace with the dynamic mobile industry.

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