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What use is there of your car without the tires? It is those incredible inflatable hollow rings that not only hold the heavy hunk of metals and passengers and carry them for thousands of miles, but also prevent the road imperfections from climb up to the cabin. But the tires do tread eventually after a certain span of regular use. It starts to wear and that leads to inevitable event of replacement, which is an expensive affair. But if that happens before it is due, it needs attention. Have you watched out the rate of your car tire wear? Do you think it is much often than it should? Well, your driving can be a reason behind this untimely tire wear, and a bit of smart driving habits can prolong the intervals of tire replacement. So here are the useful tips of smart driving that we have gathered from the Phoenix Mazda service center experts.

What Could Have Gone Wrong

If your car tires are wearing off quickly, reason could be your driving habits, wherein you have treated your passenger car like a sports car, making it run faster than it is supposed to, applied the brake harder, than it could take, done some tight cornering too hastily or the like that left some invisible layers of the tire on the road, that is too close as damaging it’s outer layer and the sidewall or the rim.

Careful Driving is the Key

If you are moving extra fast, that builds up extra heat, that in turn expedites the tire wear. Same is with Hard Braking which is equally damaging for the whole vehicle including the wheels and the tires. Then comes the contribution of potholes and speed bumpers that are already waiting for one small mistake from your side to claim their disastrous effect on the tires. The only way to save your car tires from all these monsters is careful driving. And that can be achieved only when you are careful before speeding up and being sure to slow down as soon as you see the obstructions coming your way.

Checking the Air Pressure

The most common reason found behind undue tire damage is driving with under inflated tires. Your car tires are supposed to run with a certain amount if air pressure that is recommended by your manufacturer. It is also possible that your tire air pressure gets lower after an extensive driving session. But it is the one who is sitting behind the wheels who needs to check up if the air pressure is in the right ratio for all the tires. A tire pressure monitor can help you in this. But if you ignore the air pressure count and drive with under inflates tires, not only the tires would rub more against the road and get damaged, but the performance of the entire car along with its fuel efficiency would also get affected by it.

Hence the best way to prolong the lifespan of your car tires as suggested by the Mazda dealership near Phoenix experts is to reinvent your driving habits, replacing reckless driving with the mindful ones, while taking good care of your vehicle including the tires.

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