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Java is used for the deployment and development of codes which can be used on desktops and for server environments as well. JavaScript is an entirely full-fledged programming language which uses the dynamic front-end and is helpful in providing interactivity which exists among various websites. It is dynamic and used in various fields as well. The most popular and famous Relational Database Management System is MySQL. It is widely used and is also supported by a number of Operating Systems due to its wide potentials. A person can only be termed as a Java Full Stack Developer when he is quite good at his work and when he is aware and has full knowledge of the basics of Java, JavaScript, Servlets and many other concepts as well. He should also have good expertise in the segment of MySQL so as to acquire more potential and better position in the field of Java programming.

The full stack test is very beneficial and it helps candidates in understanding their actual potentials and where do they actually stand a chance in this field. It is helpful in making them realize their mistakes and faults and also rectify them. It is helpful in measuring their actual understanding capacity and the areas where they need to further work on to excel. The full stack test measures the following below listed expertise:

  • It helps in measuring the Basic knowledge of Java Programming which the candidate contains.
  • It measures the expertise which the candidate possesses in JSP and Servlets.
  • It measures the proficiency which a candidate has in regard to JavaScript.
  • It measures and tests the knowledge which a candidate has in regard to MySQL.
  • It also helps in measuring and evaluating the hands-on development skills which a candidate possesses.

The full stack test is quite a comprehensive test which is timed at about ninety minutes which is about one and a half hour test. The main aim of the full stack test is to evaluate thoroughly the knowledge which a particular candidate possesses. It also takes care of the complete analysis of concepts, application and skills which the targeted audience of MySQL and Java Full Stack actually possess. The test has a lot of benefits and advantages due to which it should be surely opted for. The full stack test has about twenty-one items which have been further sub-divided into six different sections for easier approach. The divisions are as follows:

There are six multiple choice questions (MCQ) items which are based on Java, JSP and Servlets.

  • There are six multiple choice questions (MCQ) items which are included so as to test the concepts of JavaScript.
  • There are six multiple choice questions (MCQ) items which have been included in the test to evaluate and analyze the proficiency which a person has in MySQL.
  • There is one hands-on coding problem included in the test which is helpful in testing the problem solving capacity and Java development skills knowledge.
  • There is a hands-on coding problem which has been included in the test to verify the skills which the candidate has in terms of database query writing and drafting in MySQL.
  • There is another hands-on coding problem which has been included in the test so as to verify the front-end web development skills on the front-end coding simulator.

One must surely use Mettl’s skill test as it is very useful for them in understanding their real and actual potential and capability. Mettl’s Java Full Stack Developer test has been specifically designed and drafted to best suit the skill levels which a good beginner level Java Full Stack Developer must surely possess. The person who moves on from the beginner level to the intermediate level in Java Full Stack Development must possess such skills and knowledge so as to carry out their work in the best possible way. It will help them in rectifying the areas where they are weak and help in improving them as well. The full stack test has been benchmarked for particular job roles and profiles and is aimed at targeting a huge global audience who have already given this particular test for the specific job profile or role. This test is apt and extremely helpful and every person who wants to evaluate their potential should particularly opt for the full stack test.

The key roles and profiles where the full stack test can be useful for the candidates are:

  • It is useful for acquiring the role or profile of a Java Full Stack Developer
  • It is useful for acquiring the role or profile of a Full Stack Developer


The full stack test consists of various features which are helpful for the candidates when they opt for this test. These features help in finalizing and drafting a final copy of the evaluation and analysis of their potential and performance. The various features which the full stack test consists of are:

1. Custom Scoring

The full stack test has the feature of custom scoring. This means that the candidates are awarded points even to every hidden test case or default test cases which have been termed passed on various basis such as when several parameters were checked upon and found to be successfully met. The various parameters include the correctness of the code which everything had been done, the time and space complications which were present, the difficulty level of the test and numerous other key points as well. When all these parameters are evaluated, the candidate acquires a final score which is then used as a benchmark or target for the candidate to move on to the next level.

2. A very easy and user-friendly interface

The interface used by the full stack test is extremely easy to use. The interface is user-friendly and can be understood by a person at the beginner level as well. The questions stated are also not very difficult to understand or follow.

3. Simple Stepwise Approach

The full stack test has a simplified stepwise approach which makes it easier for the candidates to attempt and answer the test.

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