Project Free TV

What do you understand by the term project free TV? Project Free TV

is a movie streaming site. This is one of the sites that offer thousands of movies and TV shows that people can watch.

Is project free TV safe or not?

There are so many points that say it is safe but on the other side, there are so many points that say it is unsafe. One of the major disadvantage or drawback of this site is that there are so many unsafe links. If anyone clicks on these unsafe links they get redirected to the sponsored websites which are not safe. It can create a lot of problems with your PC or Android.

In simple words, the link opened can be copyrighted. Therefore, viewing these type of links can be illegal also. From the above-mentioned part, it is clear that Project Free TV is unsafe to use. Due to these issues, of services stopped in 2017. Therefore, this is a site that is no longer available now.

If you are a fan of project free TV or you love to watch movies or TV shows on androids or PC, then they are so many alternatives from where you can watch your favorite things. Hereby this article you will come to know about the eight alternatives of Project free TV. Let’s get started, have a look at these alternatives of Project Free TV (sites like project free TV).


YouTube is a media streaming platform that is managed by the community scattered all over the world. This is one of the most popular websites that is used by people on a large scale. This website is used all over the world except China. This is one of the best and first recommended an alternative to Project free TV. People can easily watch movies, TV shows, and other things also on YouTube. Therefore, people can easily find different types of content on this website. This is a website which is very much safe for your androids, PC, etc.

If you love to watch recently released content then there is no better option than YouTube. This is the perfect place because YouTube is always updated with new content.


This is again one of the best sites that provide so many movies and TV shows to the people. This site is considered one of the best alternative of Project Free TV. Hence, there is one drawback of this site. This site will show only American content to you. This site is mainly used by people of America. People can easily share contents directly through social media. This site gets updated in every single minute. Now you can enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies without any hassle.


This is a site that we should not miss. If you are a fan, who loved to watch project free TV, then this is the perfect site. This is a site that is totally similar to Project Free Tv. TV Player is considered one of the greatest media content streaming all the websites of the UK. This website can be used by people on PC as well as on androids. There are around 95 channels and TV shows that people can watch in the free version. On TV Player, all the contents are of high quality, in order to gain access. Therefore, this is the best site that can be used by people in order to watch high-quality contents.


If you are a person who loves to watch Korean television, then this is the perfect site. You can easily watch Korean Tv shows, movies and animated episodes on this site. This is a platform that is totally based on Korean content. Therefore, this site provides high-quality Korean content. If you love Korean content, then you can stick to this site and enjoy watching the movies and shoes properly.


This is again a site that is similar to Project free TV. If you are a lover of watching games, then this is the perfect site where you can enjoy live games. Therefore, you can easily watch games all across the world. There is total HD quality content on this website. This is the perfect website through which you can enjoy and awaken the sports fan inside you.


This is a site where you can easily enjoy project free TV movies. This is a perfect site where you can enjoy classic movies. Retrovision is a perfect place where you can watch all type of classic movies which are not available on the internet. Therefore, this is a website with which you will immediately fall in love.


Stream2Watch is a perfect site where you can watch sports. There are so many different types of sports that are covered by this website. When your favorite match or game is taking place on the TV and you can’t watch it. You just have to log in to Stream2 watch and you can enjoy your favorite match or games. This is a website where you can easily select your category and you can enjoy your content easily.


If you watching for a website which will help you out in keeping yourself busy in your leisure time. Then this is one of the best sites that you can use for watching different types of shows. All the shows and episodes available here in this site are of full HD quality. Now people can easily watch movies and episodes in their free time using this website. Therefore, the content is regularly updated on this site that’s why it is considered the best website. You can watch your favorite things easily and can bookmark this site also.

These above-mentioned are some of the different alternatives of Project Free TV. People can easily choose any website according to their choice and taste of watching episodes and movies.

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