Major Reasons Why a full-time Blogger Ought to join a Co-Working Space

A full-time blogger enjoys the freedom of working from anywhere in the world that they wish to.  While most of the bloggers choose to work from their residence, this certainly is not the best setup always. In most of the cases, coworking spaces can indeed make a lot of sense.

A coworking space is an organized shared office where professionals & businesses from various backgrounds gather together and work from under the same roof independently. The coworking spaces are the best-shared workspaces which are functional as well as affordable. They typically charge a cumulative monthly fee for all the services that they offer in a bundle. There are various options like shared tables, hybrid spaces, and private offices available within a coworking space.

Coworking spaces Bangalore can be very well used by the businesses but most often that is leveraged by those individuals who opt to work from home and do not have a traditional office setup. They majorly include the freelancers, home business owners of various sizes, entrepreneurs and bloggers.

Bloggers write about various aspects of life and necessarily need to be inspired by the people and happenings around them. If a full-time blogger works from home, then it would be a monotonous and non-inspiring experience over the course of time. So, the bloggers who usually work individually should join a coworking space so that there are several other professionals who would work around them. The full-time professional bloggers would be able to interact and network with the other like-minded professionals operating from the same coworking space.

If you are a professional blogger, a coworking space can very well provide some attractive supplement or alternative as compared to a home office. Should you choose to try out the coworking spaces, here are some of the benefits that you are likely to enjoy.

  • Flexibility – The most appealing aspect of a coworking space is the flexibility which it provides to its members. The reputable coworking spaces offer numerous setups which have different price ranges that include the memberships, virtual office solutions, shared office space, dedicated desks and also entire suites. With this flexibility, any full-time blogger can benefit a lot as this kind of setup fits his work style and temperament considerably. The introverted individuals who prefer a private setup would choose a scheduled office space within the coworking space for operating better. The extroverted people who prefer more interactions can opt for a shared desk. A team of bloggers working together can find a coworking space very suitable. There are ergonomic multi-desks and boardrooms available in the coworking spaces which can be of great use for the team of bloggers.
  • Creativity – As a blogger which usually do not require much of client interaction or dealings when you opt to operate from home for a long time, then you are vulnerable to burnout. When you are operating from a home office, you tend to use the same desk, witness the same old views and also interact with the same selected group of people. Not only you get bored, you also see that your creativity would quickly get stifled. On the contrary, as a blogger when you opt to work from a coworking space, this all changes considerably. It would force to get you out of your house and interact with new people and expose yourself to certain new things. For a blogger, this particular stimulation can considerably bring new ideas & they can find better avenues of thinking.
  • Community – For bloggers, there is sometimes a sense of loneliness and isolation which usually emerges in the absence of a traditional workspace. When you decide to join a coworking space, you have an opportunity to mingle with newer people & rub shoulders with several other professionals who belong to various other industries. The community aspect of coworking is certainly one of the most desired features of a coworking space. Not only does this boost your overall creativity, but this also enhances your ways of thinking which is very useful for a creative profession like logging.
  • Location – If you are in the lookout to rent an office space in a metro city, then needless to say that it would be very expensive and in most of the cases would be unaffordable for the bloggers. The value of real estates is determined by their location and you end up paying an arm and a leg in order to fetch an office space on a desirable street. But when it comes to a coworking space, it becomes possible to fetch an affordable workspace in a prime location in the city. As a coworking space is usually occupied by several companies and professionals, you receive an offset in the price of the workspace and at the same time, you get access to world-class location and office infrastructure.
  • Access to crucial resources – As an individual blogger, this does not always make a proper sense to invest in a set of materials and resources. When you hold a membership in a coworking space, you comfortably gain access to several necessary amenities like copiers, printers, video conferencing software & devices and reception services.

This is the high time for all bloggers out there to try out something new and coworking spaces should certainly top the list. Most of the coworking spaces offer the best and affordable monthly contracts which would enable you to try the coworking setup to determine whether the place fit the requirements of your workflow.

This is crucial to keep in mind that all coworking spaces are different from each other. If you try a coworking space and did not find it up to the mark, this does not mean that the coworking spaces are not right. Another coworking space may offer the list of amenities that you are exactly looking for to thrive. So, as a blogger, you should necessarily look for a coworking space which aligns with all your unique demands. There are several success stories of bloggers in the coworking spaces. Take your step to build yours!

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