Must Have Features for Your Home Wi-Fi Router

Wi-fi routers for internet are advancing at a jet speed that many of us might not be aware of. But it is a fact, that these routers not only contribute largely in the internet speed, but also play a major role in your network safety.

Hence, before you are out there to purchase your next wi-fi router, there are few things you need to check out. The reason why we thought of reminding you is, not all of these features will necessarily be displayed in the product description details. So, to make sure, they are included you might have to refer to the online or printed manual, that comes packed in the box. These are the must have features of any dated router without which even a high speed network with unlimited internet might not be effective enough.

Dual-band Wi-Fi

The current trend of wi-fi speed is a minimum 2.4 GHz of Wi-Fi airspace and can only offer you a maximum capacity of three non-overlapping wireless channels. So there is a fairly common chance that your Wi-Fi network might be using the same frequencies as all the other neighboring wireless networks might be using. This can often result into mutual network interference further leading to internet performance problems.

That is the reason, why you should look for a router that offers both 2.4 and 5 GHz 802.11n frequencies so that your network doesn’t get affected and can run parallelly even if any of these frequencies are used by your neighboring networks.

Guest Wireless Network

If your home network is frequently used by visitors, then it is better to switch to a router that has the option of a guest network that will handle these intrusions much more safely and conveniently. With this kind of routers, as the visitors will get to use their own SSID to access the internet, you can keep your main network isolated from it, making it sure that the outsiders will not get access to your local network resources like your PCs and printers. Moreover, you can even consider configuring an independent security setting for this guest network.

Wireless On/Off Button

If you are leaving for a vacation, and need to temporarily disable the Wi-Fi network, your router should have the providence to allow you to do so. Hence, when you look for a wi-fi router, check for a physical button or a switch to be functioning well on the router. This will be much more convenient than those routers that need you to log into its configuration console, and, than those routers that are connected through a power cord, because a power on/off button will allow your wired network to be at place keeping the Internet connection intact till you switch it on again.

Detachable Antennas

Though routers that come with internal antennas are most common to be found, they don’t provide the strength of coverage you actually require. On the other hand, a router that comes with externally attached or detachable antennas, are able to provide the flexibility and reach of network coverage that you can enjoy from every corner of your house.

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