Stock marketing: What should you know about it?

When a person talks about the market, they are not referring to any type of actual physical place wherein people meet to purchase and sell. The term stock market is a generic term that denotes trading (purchasing and selling of shares).

What really make up the market?

 It is the stock exchange that makes market. The stock market shall have either one or a number of stock exchanges. \ In India, the most popular are known as the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. It might interest you that the NSE is the largest exchange of the country and it means it sees the most sum of shares bought or sold in a day. The BSE do stand second but is the most ancient; it got established way back in the year 1875.Then there are also regional exchanges such as the Ahmedabad Stock Exchange, Calcutta Stock Exchange and even the Cochin Stock Exchange. But remember that the two most prominent ones are BSE and NSE. Together, these account for most of the stock trades in India. It simply means that in case they catch a cold, exchanges all over the nation might sneeze.

What really make up a stock exchange?

It is the members, the stock brokers. You know people like you and anyone else just cannot go to a stock exchange and purchase and sell shares. In case you want to do so then you have to get in touch with somebody who is a member of the stock exchange. It means you need to talk to a stock broker. You need not to worry because you can get the Best Broker in India once you start looking for one.

Stockbrokers purchase and sell shares for them to make revenue. These individuals also buy and sell shares on the behalf of people such as you and any other lay person and take a commission for doing so.Remember that every single stockbroker has to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India that is the stock market regulator. SEBI’s chief function is to ensure that those who invest in the stock market do follow the rules and no scams take place. It is there to act as an overseer on behalf of the investors.

People from Mumbai may have seen the imposing stock exchange building known as Jeejeebhoy Towers. It is the home of the BSE. But you would be highly disappointed to know that if you think you can enter inside the building and watch the market thrill first-hand as brokers uncontrollably trade stocks.  It is because all the stock marketing in India is now electronically. You know brokers have BSE computer terminals in their working spaces and from that they trade.  These fellows also have BSE terminals in other cities and they don’t have to be physically present in Mumbai to trade on the BSE. It means even if you stay outside Mumbai, you can easily link up with a BSE broker and purchase or sell stocks on the BSE.


So, since you know some of the areas of stock marketing and everything; you can think of stepping into this exciting arena of revenues.

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