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Summery- The following post tells about the deadliest mistakes that one can commit while designing a website.

Having a user-friendly, uncluttered, crisp and responsive website is a mandatory requirement if you want your visitors to stay and spend time on it.

Here are the 10 deadliest mistakes in website design that can cost you dearly if you don’t hire a professional web development company.

Keeping Web Pages Cluttered

You need to make an impact on the user in a minuscule time of 3 seconds as this is the attention span of an average user on any webpage. If your webpages are cluttered, the user will simply abandon the page and move on. You need to have the content arranged in a clean and crisp manner on the website to engage a user.

Using Free Designing Software

There are many free web designing software available. These are good for people who want to have a webpage or a website not for commercial purposes. If you are running a business, don’t try to save a few bucks here. Free websites often have severe performance lags.

Having a Shabby Appearance

Your website is the place, which makes the first impression on the visitor. Consider it equivalent to a store. A person enters a particular store if it is appealing from outside. Similarly, a person will hang on to your website and explore the products and services you are offering if it is appealing and provides a good user experience.

Not Designing a Responsive Website

These days, more people explore websites through their mobile devices than desktops. Not having a responsive website is a suicidal move.

Disabling Zoom

Having zoom enabled is very important as most people browse it on devices with small screen size like smartphones. Not having zoom enabled will not let them make the text or picture large enough to read or explore.

Not Having Easily Visible Contact Information

Having an excellent and convincing content, but hiding away the contact information puts all your efforts into the drain. No shopper would want to dig deep to find your contact details as they are always in a hurry to complete the shopping process.

Having Orphan Pages

A webpage where the user gets lost as there is no easy way to go back to the home page is called an orphan page. Such pages irritate the user and they simply disappear abandoning your site forever.

Using Wrong Typography

Hiring a website designing company in Noida or wherever you want will never let you make this mistake. This is because they understand the importance of typography in making the reading experience effortless. They will never mix many different fonts or use condensed styles, novelty typefaces or minimize spacing between the lines. All these make reading difficult, give a shoddy appearance to the webpage and turn off the users forcing them to just move away from your website.

Using Complex Navigation

The ground rule for good website designing is to keep things simple. Having complex navigation with no standard placing, having hundreds of submenus, no proper description or no easy links to lead back to the main menu sends the user on a wild goose chase. Never do it if you want them to stay on your website.

Not Maintaining the Website

If you think that you can make a website once and then forget about it, you are absolutely wrong. It requires continuous monitoring and maintenance. Be it uploading new content or improving the user-experience, there are a lot of things that require consistent monitoring and commitment.

These are 10 most deadly mistakes that one should never commit in website designing.

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