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Earning a skillset or learning a new technology might probably help you take those leaps in launching a new career. But do you think you’ll be able to name a blockchain company you’re interested to get into? I bet it is tough to name more than a handful of companies off out of your head. Even though this new technology – blockchain is relatively new in the market right now, most companies dealing with blockchain have comparatively very less exposure.

In recent years, blockchain has emerged to be one of the technology that holds tremendous potential in the areas of banking and finance. In a world that’s filled with digitization, there are new and emerging large companies that have started investing in this new age technology. If you’re a business blockchain specialist who is thriving to see one’s business excel then understanding the nuances of the blockchain s a technology will chart out every single problem.

An organization having all the strategies, be it long term or short term will eventually be able to provide blockchain solutions on the longer run. Having said, it is crucial that every business blockchain specialist must know that not all companies will work according to your terms and conditions.

Therefore, selecting the right blockchain technology companies is what one must do next. Here are some of the most reputed blockchain companies that has an extensive in-depth analysis of every organization mentioned below.


Techracers is a well renowned company that provides end-to-end blockchain solutions to their clients. Apart from this, they have created an enterprise ready blockchain ledger that requires for an integration with the system, this further help clients to be a part of the competitive edge.


This company offers and promotes the usage of blockchain and its applications is varied fields. PixelPlex helps in cryptocurrency exchange, browser extensions, wallets, and DApps etc. The overall developers that this company has is around 80 including others who are continuously working on delivering other projects with superior blockchain solutions. So far, they could deliver 50 projects.


Altoros is an ideal platform for blockchain development be it either in the professionals’ services or the training field in blockchain. In short, it is a one stop solution to those looking for private services.


Like the company specifies, they are more involved in research on blockchain to improve its efficiency. ABES Lab a company that is based out of Philadelphia strictly aims at developing solutions for blockchain.


Chain is based out of the U.S. and they’re on a verger of creating a crypto ledger system that is specifically for the financial sector. Companies such as Citigroup, Capital One, and Nasdaq has offered their greatest support. The other clients include companies like RRE Ventures, Orange, and Visa. This company serves the purpose for both private and public network. They have recently launched Sequence ledger-as-a-service specifically to secure token transactions which is used for crypto currency exchange platform or mobile wallets.


Infosys, based out of India has made its presence known in the blockchain world. This company is well known for adopting innovative and newer technologies with implementation. It is also said to be the pioneer company that started the blockchain journey providing blockchain based solutions.


OpenLedger, founded in 2014 consists of a team of expert professionals in blockchain. And ever since, their focus was basically working towards providing clients with blockchain based solutions. Most of the projects are customized for industries such as the entertainment, FinTech and insurance etc. So far, this company raised funding above $90 million leading more than 10 ICOs successfully. OpenLedger offers services in fields such as smart contracts, ICO advisory, crypto gateways, DApps development, and digital wallets.

Apart from these, there are many more blockchain technology companies such as ChromaWay, ArcTouch, Appinventiv, LeewayHertz and many more others for one to choose from. Now that you’re aware of the companies offering different services in blockchain, it should be simple enough for you to make that decision and find the right company.

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