What are the Main Hunting Rules for Shooting Ranges?

Know the law that regulates the activity and learn how to get a hunting permit for shooting range.

Hunting animals is still taboo for most of the population and few know the rules of hunting. However, although there are some prohibitions, it is possible to be a hunter within the law. So you need to know the rules.

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Understand the law

The animal hunting law is enacted and it is a very complex document, which has undergone some changes over the years. Therefore, it is important to know the main topics that are covered and how hunting rules work.

To begin with, hunting native wild animals is an environmental crime, under penalty of fine or even imprisonment, depending on the case and the violations. If an environmental authority approaches someone hunting, they can seize any products from the activity.

The exception to this law may be in the case of invasive species that may be harmful or regional peculiarities, as long as they are regulated by the federal government.


Hunter is the person who is registered in the army and is authorized to kill only specific species.

Hunting entities are clubs and associations that are dedicated to hunting and registered with the army. However, hunting of invasive alien species is allowed.

Wild boar hunting

There has been permission to hunt wild boarbecause the animal is an invasive alien species that is harmful to the environment.

Among the various justifications for the permission to hunt wild boars in the document that regulates the activity are:

  • The harmfulness of wild boar to native wild species, humans, the environment, agriculture, livestock and public health
  • Record of wild boar attacks on humans and native wild or domestic animals
  • Diseases transmitted by wild boar to humans and native animals

Who can hunt

Not all people can go hunting wild boar just for sport because government allows the slaughter of these animals. It is necessary to follow a series of norms to fit and obtain specific documentation.

The question of many people is: how to be a hunter in Brazil? To get permission to hunt wild boar with weapons, you must be in the CAC category (hunters, snipers and collectors) with the CR (Certificate of Registration). It is quite bureaucratic to get the documents.

Even after obtaining the document, it is necessary to follow the hunting rules in Brazil imposed by Ibama.

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