What Are the Main Modules of a Construction ERP?

Whenever a construction organization thing about improving the management and operations then the best manner that it can use is the Contracting ERP modules specifically. before using the software, it is necessary to avail each and every essential detail regarding it because investing money and time always requires proper information. Here in this article we are going to provide you all the details regarding the understanding of the construction ERP along with its benefits.

In a construction ERP, there are major 8 key modules and each module is having its own importance and functioning regarding the improvement of the company. The eight Major modules of construction ERP details are given below.

The main modules of an ERP for contracting business

  1. Project Management & Production
  2. Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  3. Inventory
  4. Logistics
  5. CRM
  6. Accounting & Finance
  7. Business Intelligence
  8. Workforce Management

In order to manage the tasks and control each and every function of the construction organization effectively with efficiency, it is necessary to have all the details regarding the major modules of ERP software for contracting industry. In order to help you out here we have stated each and every detail regarding the modules. So let’s get started:

Project management and production

In this module it becomes easier to ensure all the works at a maximum productive capacity. Additionally, it also provides the current information regarding the tasks that are going on. The organization can easily go through each and every manufactured product and its component details. It through this module, organizations can easily assure the timely completion of the project.

Supply chain management

It plays an important role in preparing the monitoring expenses, automation purchases and streamline meaning the supply chain. It also handles the purchase order management along with the material requirement planning. Through the supply chain management, it becomes easier to optimize the purchasing power and maintain the supplier relationship.


Through this module of ERP software for contracting, it becomes easier to have asset management and have a control over the costs, transactions and the histories that includes information regarding the organization. It also involves the wireless management system along with the catch unit items.


This module plays an important role in the track shipment of the items along with optimization of the routes and schedules. Additionally, it helps in printing the bills for sales order, generating the reports and analysis along with managing and monitoring the loading of the cargo for optimum efficiency. It also helps in tracking all the purchase and sales orders.

Customer relationship management

Through this Contracting ERP India module the organization can easily handle the contacts from one location and also it optimizes the sales and revenues as well. It provides all the details regarding the sales repetitions along with the tools that can complete and close the deals at a faster speed. The key performance indicators given in this module helps in evaluating the effectiveness of the team working.

Accounting and finance

In this module, the organization manages the billing and invoicing along with the account details regarding the payments and receivables. This module the organization can also provide a complete overview regarding the financial health and well-being.

Business intelligence

In this module there are several functions included like the document imaging, key performance indicators, business performance management, and address book.

With the help of this module, the organization can easily create a business library and store each and every important document. It also provides mattress that helps in evaluating the performance of different departments that are handling their tasks in the organization. The business intelligence module of ERP also helps in optimizing the process within the company. With this module it is easy to keep the vendors, employees, customers and other personal updated from one single location.

Workforce management

This is the last module of Contracting ERP software and it includes the functions like task management, time and material management, can you link and mobile workforce. Through this module, it becomes easier for the organization to manage the task within the project and track all the time spent on a particular project. It also helps in monitoring and managing the tasks that are assigned to each and every member.

Metal Construction ERP Features:

  • Coil tagging and tracking – It helps in monitoring the metal coils through the life cycle of the project.
  • Component order entry – it helps in measuring the Steel components with appropriate units.
  • Metal Building Manufacturer’s Association (MBMA) reporting – it helps in maintaining and updating the registrations regarding MBMA that is metal building manufacturers associations automatically.
  • Roll former integration – it helps in eliminating all the manual data entries along with the consolidating tasks that are completed.

Hence these are the details regarding the main module of a construction ERP. These models will definitely help the organization in managing the operations effectively with efficiency.

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