What the Canada Immigration Services Department Is

The Canadian Immigration Services acts as a department of the government. This sector of Canadian government devotes its resources into the large numbers of immigrants that are coming to Canada. They act as a layer of Canadian public security as well as an aid to newly coming immigrants.

The Canadian Immigration Services department offers an array of services and programs which can tailor most immigration needs. Additionally, this department of government is in charge of the decision regarding whether or not one can stay in Canada.

A Brief History of Canadian Immigration

Changing faces occasionally, the Canadian Immigration Services department has always maintained order during high volumes of immigration. One hundred and fifty years ago, since 1869, Canada has had immigration policies set in place. These legal conditions had taken the form of written legal doctrine, procedures, alongside regulations in place for new coming immigrants.

The promotion of multiculturalism soon became widespread across Canada. This occurs with the help of the earlier versions of Canadian Immigration Services. Multiculturalism became a means of Canada’s lifeblood and identity. The official policies concerning multiculturalism, which became exercised in 1971, Canadian identity has been defined by multiculturalism.

An Immigrant’s Point of View

Currently, in Canada, there is a high volume of prospective immigrants hoping to gain entry in Canada. This in order to achieve the ultimate goal of permanently moving to Canada. In order to achieve this ambition, the immigrant must go through certain processes with the Canadian Immigration Services.

Canadian Immigration Services knows that immigration to Canada is the dream of many people. These people are mainly seeking stability in their country. The number of immigrants increases according to annual records from Statistics Canada due to this reasoning.

Canada’s Current Stance on Multiculturalism

According to Canadian Immigration Services, with the added number of immigrants into the Canadian population, Canada became known for its tolerance to diversity. Therefore, Canada is known for being the land of immigration. Ever since the Confederation in 1867, well over seventeen million immigrants have come to Canada.

There is a high degree of people that are currently making up the Canadian population that are immigrants or have immigration heritage. The Canadian Immigration Services recognizes this fact with pride. This proud nature is because Canadians are managing to create a diverse and multicultural national community.

In a Basic Nutshell

The Canadian Immigration Services department plays a vital role in the maintenance of Canadian immigration. Increasing numbers of immigrants are successfully able to relocate themselves to Canada. These immigrants accomplish this task through the help of Canadian Immigration Services.

The Canadian Immigration Services base these facts off of valid sources. These figures are a rendition of the statistics from the government’s annual reports. To Gain factual figures, the government pulls information directly from their database of records.

The Canadian Immigration Services works extremely hard. This department must all the process requests made globally by prospective immigrants. Also, the department strives to achieve a level of peaceful diversity that most countries seek.

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