Why Many People Are Opting for Laser Treatments Over Other Cellulite Reduction Treatments

Cellulite is the stubborn fat pocket that form under your skin. The fat deposits are resistant to conventional weight management technique such as dieting and exercises. Cellulite causes irregular, dimpled skin appearance which can be frustrating, especially when you put much effort to achieve a slim and toned body. Cellulite reduction treatments like injectables and invasive surgical procedures have been used for quite a long time.

Nonetheless, the use of laser in cellulite treatment has taken the health sector by a storm. Although relatively new and expensive, laser treatment comes with a variety of benefits. Before discussing why laser treatment is turning heads, let’s take a look at how the method reduces stubborn fat.

Working of Laser Cellulite Reduction

Laser cellulite reduction works in two ways, of which the FDA has approved both techniques. The first technique, known as Zerona, involves the use of low-level laser therapy(LLLT) to liquefy the nagging fat deposits. However, the method does not damage the fat cells but empties their contents. Over time, the body naturally eliminates the contents ejected from the fat cells. The FDA approved the technique in 2010, and each session takes about 40 minutes. The second technique involves the use of laser jets to administer high temperatures that damage the fat cells. The method is known as SculpSure. SculpSure eliminates the whole fat cells while the Zerona technique eliminates the contents of the fat cells. Regardless of which techniques you opt for, they have been shown to reduce significant results within a few weeks.

What’s The Buzz About Laser Cellulite Treatment?

The considerable benefits back the ever-increasing popularity of laser treatment. So why do people prefer laser option over other alternatives? Let’s explore the reasons.

  1. Substantial and Permanent Results

The effectiveness of several cellulite reduction methods has not been proven. However, countless patients attest to the relatively quick and noticeable effects of laser treatment. Whether by damaging the fat cells or draining their contents, you are sure to gain smooth, less-dimpled skin with improved elasticity within a few treatment sessions. Additionally, cellulite reduction increases blood flow in the affected areas. Moreover, the laser option produces permanent results as long as you maintain diet and exercise.

  1. Comfortable

Unlike invasive cellulite reduction methods, laser treatment is way comfortable. This is because no incision is required when heating the fat cells. Moreover, a cooling mechanism is provided, especially when using the SculpSure technique which involves the use of high-level lasers to produce enough temperature to damage the fat cells.

  1. Minimal Side Effects

Laser treatment will save you from adverse side effects of cellulite reduction medication as well as the risks that come with invasive surgical procedures. Except for a little numbing effect, you are sure to enjoy your post-laser-treatment period while still getting rid of the stubborn cellulite.

  1. Zero Downtime

You don’t need to worry about downtimes extending to days or weeks when you opt for laser cellulite reduction. The procedure is non-invasive and consequently, no pain or numbness after the procedure. Hence, you will still undertake your basic activities, although it’s recommendable to avoid strenuous activities during the first few days after treatment.

Laser treatment is proving to be a considerable alternative for cellulite reduction treatments. The procedure uses pads that direct laser energy into your target areas, consequently, damaging or shrinking the fat cells. Characterized by zero side effects, zero downtime, comfort, and permanent results, the procedure is drawing massive popularity from all corners of the world.

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