PG Is Better Than Hostel

Students and working individuals come to the city looking for a better lifestyle and they also look for good accommodation, to stay in the city. In this case, so many people prefer staying at hostels and they tend to ignore the option of pg.

In this case, one must know that pg is far better than hostels and that’s ranging from students to individual office employees. There are so many things which make this differentiation better and clear. So, if you are interested to know the same, you have to go through this article.

The rent

If you go for pg in marathahalli for ladies, you will definitely get a good rate, but in this case, the hostel is cheaper. Then again there are reasons for that, such as, you won’t get better amenities from there and the said security is not that much applicable inside the hostel. As a student you may choose the same, and it will be a good saving but will you get better treatment in there, this is very doubtful. While in pg, you have to pay a little higher rate, but your security and other necessary amenities will not be compromised. So give it a thought.

Safety first

As this is discussed in the upper point, but still it has its importance. If you are a girl or a woman, you need to know the type of security you get from the hostel or pg you have chosen. In the first one, you will surely get that, but inside, it’s not that proper. You may have heard about several incidents that have taken place in hostels, and even among girls. So, if you are a parent of a girl or boy child, would you still consider their safety in a hostel? In this case, in a pg, the students will get better security, because they will be living with a family.

New relations

In a ladies pg in Maratha Halli, you will get to know the family you are living with but in a hostel, you have to live with strangers. In here if you are not looking for unknown people to live with you, this will never be a good situation. In a pg, the entire thing will be different, as you will get a homely atmosphere, and the people will not act like a stranger with you, so in a way, you will never feel lonely.

Better maintenance

In a hostel, you will have to do all the chores by yourself. Starting from laundry to housekeeping, and even cooking. In this case, pg is a better provider, as you won’t have to worry about these things, and all will be taken care of under the rent you pay. In the hostel, even after the monthly payment, you have to hire a house help to do all the other works, and this will be extra spending on your budget.

Bad food

Hostels have this bad reputation of bad and unhealthy foods. You may have heard about the news of such places. In pg, this will never be the scenario. You will always get good food and you will not fall sick that much either.

Check these points on pg over the hostel, and you will understand which is better, and how the same can give you better benefits.

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